Spikeball first made it’s debut to the world in 2014 when it appeared on Shark Tank.  Since, there has been an explosion of Spikeball in backyards everywhere.  There have been tournaments that you can register for across the United States.  There is Spikeball Athletes that are rising as industry athletes.

Aside from the sports side of Spikeball, it makes a great backyard game.  Spikeball is fun for the entry level player or the experienced.  It leaves enough room for you to have playing anytime but get more and more skilled in the sport.  It’s also one of the first sports that includes a ball and net that doesn’t require you to run across a field, over chase it throwing the ball down the field.   Spikeball requires a relatively small space to be played in.  It’s becoming more and more common that backyards are smaller than ever before, so not needing to have a lot of space for this game is a bonus.

I LOVE spikeball.  As Backyard Games enthusiasts my opinion might be biased, but this is definitely one of my favourite games.  It is a fun game to play with friends but can also get a little competitive, making it even more fun to play in a group.  It is a game that can be fun if you are playing for the first time but can also get better as you keep playing and getting more skilled. I have introduced it to countless friends who have gone and bought one after playing with ours.

Spikeball: A Review, How to Play, Where to Buy 1Spikeball: A Review, How to Play, Where to Buy 2

What is Spikeball?

I think the best informal way to explain Spikeball is that it’s a reverse game of volleyball with a hand sized ball and trampoline net.  That probably sounds confusing to you so let us explain.  With 4 people, there are 2 teams of 2 people.  Each team can “volley” the yellow hand ball up to 3 passes when they must spike or bounce the ball of the net to the other team to return it.  The team that passes it and the ball isn’t returned or is dropped then gets a point.  Following similar volleyball rules until the winner gets to 21.

Each part of the plastic net and legs are easily dissembled and fit into an easy to carry shoulder bag.  There is a separate pouch to keep the net stored nicely.  The approximate size of this game stored in it’s carrying case is 22 x 10 inches.  It’s sized makes it easy to throw it over your shoulder comfortably to bring it to your next BBQ or out to the beach.  We suggest keeping it in your trunk for easy access at all times.  You never know when an exciting game of Spikeball might come up!

Full disclaimer: this game is the most active of the Backyard Games.  You will find yourself diving or running after that ball.  You won’t however find yourself running down a field after a ball, it’s a lot being in the same spot all centered around the net.  Once you have played this game a couple times you will find yourself adapting new techniques and learning more advanced ways to play so it always keep this game a challenge and a competition.

What is Included?

Included in each Spikeball set is a plastic tubing for the circle and legs and 1-3 yellow hands balls. How many yellow Spikeballs you get depends on which package you order.  You will also receive a ball pump so that you can pump up the balls.  Last you also receive a convenient carrying bag that fits all the parts and has a separate pocket for the net.

How to Setup

Included in each Spikeball set is a plastic tubing that fits together into the shape of a circle.  The plastic legs are then attached.  Once the circle is put together and legs attached is can be placed down on the floor.  Take the net and pull across putting the net across a peg on 4 sides of the circle.  Once in place then pull the rest of the net across the circle.  Now that the net is on the circle it’s time to pull it tight, pull it across 2 more strings past so that it is taut.  Now the net will be able to bounce the ball off of it.  During the game you may need to retighten your net periodically.  Included is also 1-3 yellow hand balls.  Here’s Fraser and Nadine setting up Spikeball in the park.
How to Setup Spikeball | Full Instructions and Game Setup

How to Play Spikeball RULES

Before beginning, decide if you will play to 12 or 21 points and draw to see which team goes first.  You will need 4 people, split into teams of 2.

Spikeball: A Review, How to Play, Where to Buy 3

Think of the Spikeball nets in quarters and each person gets to “man their own quarter”.

Spikeball: A Review, How to Play, Where to Buy 4

You work with your partner who will be directly next to you, either your right or your left.  Your partner and you do NOT stand across from each other.  Once the ball is in play, you can move around the net where ever you need too.

Spikeball: A Review, How to Play, Where to Buy 5

Each team has the option to volley/pass the ball up to 3 times before they must return it to the other team.

Spikeball: A Review, How to Play, Where to Buy 6

In order to return the ball to the other team, you must bounce the ball onto the net to the other team.  So the bouncing the ball of the circular net. The same as putting a ball over the net in volleyball.  If the other team drops the ball or does not return the ball by bouncing it into the net you get a point.


Spikeball Scoring, you get a point if the other team:

  • Drops the ball
  • Takes more than 3 volleys to return the ball
  • If the team does not bounce it into the net to return to you
  • Misses the net
  • Hits the rim of the net
  • Volleys the ball twice in a row
  • Bounces more than once on the net
  • Bounces and rolls into the net

So in summary, in teams of 2, you can volley the yellow hand ball up to 3 times before you must return it to your partner by bouncing it into the net.  If you take more than 3 volleys are drop it or double bounce it you, you will loose the point of the round.  You can play up to 11 or 21 rounds, depending on how long you want to play the game for.  Click here to purchase your own Spikeball set.

History of Spikeball

Their is an interesting story to how Spikeball came to be.  Originally created and failed in the 1980’s, an Entreprenuer picked up the idea of Spike ball and changed this game from a toy into a Sport in 2008.  It’s a very interesting story you can read here.  The game was given a huge beginning when it was featured on Shark Tank.

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Spikeball Game Setup and Rules to Setup and Play

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