Uno is one of the best drinking card games that should not need any introduction. It is fast, it is simple, and most important it is fun and gets you drunk.

Even though most of us may think of it as a kid’s game from our childhood that’s simple to understand. Childhood days behind us, add a few drinks to the mix and watch in laughter as your friends forget the simple rules. 

It’s another example of how you can take a classic game and turn up the fun level, just like monopoly drinking game, and drinking jenga.  Just a few example from our list of 20 drinking card games for adults.

To play Drunk Uno, you do need to buy a set of Uno Cards

This is not a normal deck of cards, it has 108 cards and with some fun action cards.  Like a classic deck of cards, you have 4 suits, with 2 of each card. This means two 2’s, 3’s, and 2 of each action cards.

Keep reading for the classic rules to Uno and the Uno Drinking Game rules.

Drunk Uno: How to Play the Uno Drinking Card Games 1Drunk Uno: How to Play the Uno Drinking Card Games 2

Uno Rules and How to Play


Uno is the ultimate game of portability, next to a deck of cards of course.  It can easily be played in small or large groups with 3 to 10 players. The goal of Uno is to get rid of all your cards.  Play matching a card in your hand to what is played, give your friends pick ups or play the wild cards. If you do not have a card, you must draw from the pile until you do.

We will get into the full rules below, but for now grab some friends, your favorite beverages, a deck of Uno cards, and let the fun begin!


How to Setup Uno:

1. To decide who is the dealer, you can each draw cards for the highest number or the oldest player. We play the action cards are higher then the numbered cards. This means that after the number 10’s, it goes reverse, skip a turn, wild, give 2, give 4. If 2 players tie for the highest card, they each draw 1 card afterwards.

2. Deal 7 Uno Cards to each player face down. After 7 cards are dealt to each player you flip one card from the deck upwards. The person to the left of the dealer (clockwise) always starts first. If it is one off the action cards (explained below) then this applies to that player, even if it’s a pick up card. 

How to Play Uno Classic:

To play, the player must match one of their cards from their deck from the top card that is visible from the deck. You can match by color, number, or use the wild or +4 action cards from below. If you DO NOT have card from the table, you must pickup until you can play. If you have a card (such as a wild card) that you can play you must before picking up.

When a player is on their last card they must yell UNO. If the player fails to yell Uno, if another player catches you pickup your cards.

First player to get rid of all their cards wins! In normal Uno you would tally all the players cards for the first one to have 500 points.

How to Play the Uno Action Cards

The Uno Action cards are the fun and exciting cards that are designed to help mix up the game. There are 5 different cards in total. There is wild draw 4, wild, draw 2, skip a turn, and reverse.

Reverse Uno Card | How to Play Uno


These switch the order of the game play. If it was going clockwise and you play it switches and vice versa.  

Skip a Turn

When played the next person after you misses their turn.

Pick Up Two

When this card is played the next person has to pickup 2 (then miss their turn). If the next player after this person plays another + 2, then it turns into 4 cards and so on.

Wild Card in Uno | Rules to Play Uno

Wild Card

When played this player gets to choose which color will be played. It can be used at any time even if you do not have the color that was player.

Plus 4 Uno | Classic Rules of Uno

Wild Pickup Four

This works the same as the wild card, that it can be played at any time and the next player has to pickup 4 and miss their turn. The person who played this card also gets to choose which color to continue as it is a wild card. If the next player after the person who picks up 4, plays another +4 cards, then the next player has to pickup 8 and miss their turn as well.

Drunk Uno: The Uno Drinking Card Game Rules

Now that we have explained all the official Uno Rules, time to show you how to get drunk!

We play Drunk Uno a little different in our backyard but point of the game is pretty much the same. Your goal is to beat your opponents into a drunken submission while cheering in excitement. We skip the tallying of the points at the end of the game, let’s face it, your math skills might not be top notch at the end of a game.

How to Play Uno Drinking Game



  1. Forget the rules or must ask a question = take 1 drink
  2. If you lose a turn because of a skip or miss a turn = take 1 drink
  3. + 2 Card = take 2 drinks
  4. + 4 Card = take 4 drinks
  5. Anytime you do not have a matching card = take 1 drink and pickup till you do
  6. If you forget to say Uno on last card = take 4 drinks
  7. Play an Identical Card (same color and action) = everyone drinks 1
  8. The player with most cards at the end of the game = shotguns entire beer.
  9. Blank Wild Card.  Depending on your version of Uno some games come with a blank Wild Card where you can fill in your own rule.  Here you can get creative and fill in any rule you like!

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Drunk Uno: How to Play the Uno Drinking Card Games 4
The Uno Drinking Card Games Classic Rules and How to Play Drunken Uno
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